The Lumiere Program

Welcome to the Lumiere Program, a unique opportunity designed to nurture and empower innovative artists. At Wolfgang P. Inc., we are passionate about supporting emerging talent, and we're excited to offer grants and tax-deductible crowd-sourcing options to help bring your creative vision to life. Join us, and let's make something incredible together.

  • Your film must be produced as part of a Charm City Filmmaker's Wave, our Maryland-based non-profit that offers aspiring filmmakers access to crew, actors, and mentorship at a low cost.

  • You must apply to Wolfgang P. Inc.'s filmmaking subgroup, W. Productions.

  • If your film is selected for the program, you'll be required to:

    • Attend weekly progress meetings with our team to stay on track and ensure your project is moving forward as planned.

    • Allow a representative from Wolfgang P. Inc. to be present on set to observe filming and provide any necessary support.

    • Provide receipts or invoices to verify eligible costs for reimbursement. Please note: we cannot provide reimbursement without proper documentation. If receipts aren't provided within three months of filming, the funds raised will be directed to a different director who provides eligible receipts or donated to the Charm City Filmmakers general fund.

    • Acknowledge Wolfgang P. Inc. as a producer on the film.

    • Donate 10% of your film's budget to a charity that aligns with the themes of your work. This is an essential part of our mission to give back and make a meaningful impact on our communities.

Eligibility Criteria

Application Process

The application period is currently closed.

The application process includes submitting a log-line, synopsis, script, timeline, and budget, as well as a fundraising plan for our review.

We may also request in-person interviews to get to know you and your vision better.